Our company brings over 20 years of diverse talents, experience and interests to commercial and residential design projects. We specialize in remodeling, custom draperies and window treatments, custom bedding and upholstery, and custom furnishings.

Our business is highly personal. We design to your tastes, not ours. We can take your desire to “do something with that room” and turn it into a warm, functional and inviting space where you’ll feel completely at home.

With our help, you’ll spend less time shopping, less time dealing with salespeople, and less time working with contractors. We’ve got the experience to manage your project completely. To find out what we can do, contact us here. And if you have any questions, call us at (512) 467-0688.

Dee O’Connell

Werner Design Group

Austin, TX 78729
Office: 512-467-0688
Fax: 512-467-2188